Jesper Høy is a civil engineer in construction. He graduated from Denmarks Technical College, Copenhagen, in 1986.

After a period as a consulting engineer Jesper Høy came to Dantest, formerly Statsprøveanstalten, where he worked with testing of construction products and control of concrete factories' production.

In 1992 Jesper Høy was employed at the Danish Technological Institute, first as an engineer and then head of section. He worked with testing in the field of concrete and cement as well as with control schemes such as Fabriksbetonkontrollen og Gødningsbeholderkontrollen.

In 1994 the Danish Technological Institute established the certification body Dansk Beton Certificering, later Dancert. Here Jesper Høy in a leading role got main responsibility for the certification of concrete and cement factories in accordance with product and management standards. In this function he also learned more about DANAK, being a "customer" himself.

Jesper Høy has been managing director since 2003, shortly after the separation of DANAK to be a business-oriented Fund.

Tel: +45 77 33 95 33