DANAK was founded as a business-oriented Fund in 2002 and started operating as a separate entity from the beginning of 2003. Originally, it was active under the name of the Danish National Testing Board approving laboratories for testing and calibration since 1973. Since then new accreditation areas were added.

DANAK was with its foundation as a business-oriented Fund separated from the Danish Business Authority, with headquarters in Skovlunde near Copenhagen. The Fund was founded by stakeholders: customers, authorities and representatives of the Danish companies brought together in the organisation DI, Confederation of Danish Industry.


DANAK is an active partner in the international cooperation on accreditation. This cooperation happens in EA, IAF and ILAC, and DANAK follows the regulations made by these institutions. This ensures that accreditations granted in Denmark are recognised throughout the world.


DANAK is lead by a board of directors, which has set up advisory committees in a number of sectors.

DANAK is divided in two sections:

  • Accreditation for testing, calibration and medical examination, primarily in laboratory areas
  • Accreditation for certification, inspection, validation and verification.

The lead assessors are in charge of the daily work on accreditation and assessment of existing accreditations in cooperation with technical assessors or technical experts. DANAK’s members of staff is obligated to do their jobs w unbiased and in full confidence.

DANAK strives for the greatest possible diversity at all levels, both in the board, in the management and among the employees.


DANAK has a contract with the Danish Safety Technology Authority to undertake accreditation tasks as the Danish accreditation body. DANAK’s strategy for the period 2021-2025 appears on this website.

DANAK primarily offers accreditation for applicants who are established in Denmark. In special cases DANAK might offer accreditation for applicants established outside Denmark. DANAK can choose not to offer accreditation for some scopes.


DANAK assesses certification schemes to ensure that they meet the requirements for accredited certification. As part of the agreement with EA, this makes DANAK able to enter into an agreement to be contact/home-AB to certification schemes.

DANAK does not offer specific advice on accreditation but guides about the rules. DANAK also offers general courses in accordance with the standards 17020, 17025 and 15189. The courses are primarily meant for DANAK’s technical advisors but are open to other participants as well. Furthermore, DANAK guides authorities about accreditation and accredited schemes.


DANAK is largely financed through payment from customers. In addition, the state budget allocates a grant for the international work and international recognition of DANAK. DANAK’s annual finance report and DANAKs annual account of fund management can be viewed on this website.
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