When dissatisfied with a job carried out by an accredited company DANAK advises the complainant to contact the company in question directly. DANAK reviews complaints at accredited companies during the regular visits and evaluates whether the complaints have been processed correctly.

If contacting the company directly is not expedient or has not given a satisfactory result the complaint can be sent to DANAK.

DANAK has a duty of confidentiality as required by the Public Administration Act and can therefore not inform about specific conditions of the accredited/approved company. The company which the complaint is directed towards will be informed about who the complainant is and the content of the complaint.

Based on a valuation, DANAK will process a complaint in one or more of the following ways:

  • Request the accredited/approved company for a statement within a given time frame
  • Carry out an extraordinary surveillance visit
  • Make sure than the enquiry is processed during the next visit
  • Inform the authorities or ‘Scheme Owners’ (organisation that is responsible for a given scheme)