Applicants and accredited companies can apply for access to their own files. Generally, all relevant documents are available to the applicant or the accredited company on the customer portal.

Other interested parties may apply for access to specific files, according to the Public Administration Act. Request for access shall be sent to DANAK. DANAK will provide a response to the request within 10 days. 

Pursuant to section 30 of the Public Administration Act, the right to access documents does not include information on:

  • Individuals' private relationships
  • Technical devices or practices
  • Business matter that are of significant economic importance to the person or company

Documents received from applicants and accredited companies as well as documents prepared by DANAK in connection with the processing of applications and the maintenance of accreditation, will be exempt from public access or only limited access to documents will be granted, where reference is made to the company's policies, procedures and working documents. 

Access to information relating to an accredited entity's customers or specific services provided by accredited companies is not provided.