International documents are documents primarily from EA, IAF and ILAC.

There are two types of international documents:

  1. Mandatory documents, which, in accordance with order 913 about accreditation of companies, are mandatory.
  2. Guidance/informative documents.


  • EA provides documents that are either Mandatory (M) or guidance(G)/informative(INF). Not all of EA’s documents show which documents it is in the title. See EA’s documents here

  • IAF’s documents have titles which make it evident whether it is mandatory or not. The documents are either called MD (Mandatory Document) or ID (Informative Document). See IAF’s documents here

  • ILAC’s documents the mandatory documents will most often be called ILAC-P or ILAC-R, while the guidance documents will be ILAC-G. See ILAC’s documents here


All documents that are relevant for accreditation appear on DANAK’s website.