In general accreditation messages are not available in English. Please click here to access the Danish versions.


  • AMF 02:Accreditation for certification or inspection - Implementation of new executive order regarding lifts etc.
  • AMF 03: Accreditation to re-verification of measuring instruments
  • AMF 04: Non compliance management  
  • AMF 05: Remote assessment for certification and inspection bodies
  • AMF 06: Special provisions under COVID-19


  • AMC 03: Accreditation to certification of food safety management systems. Criteria for competence of auditors. Scope of DANAKs accreditation activities (on site visit).
  • AMC 04: Accreditation to certification of managements systems. Validity for certificates.
  • AMC 05: Accreditation to certification of environmental managements systems.
  • AMC 07: Accreditation to verification of data for allocation of free quotas. Waste incineration plants.
  • AMC 10: Change of requirements for accreditation to verification of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • AMC 15: Accreditation to certification of management systems, persons and verification. Information on the extent of DANAK's witness activities
  • AMC 17: Accreditation for certification of energy- and environmental management. Implementation of order 1382/2018
  • AMC 18: Accreditation for certification of quality management systems. Implementation of DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 - Requirements. Quality Management Systems
  • AMC 19: Accreditation for certification of environmental management systems. Implementation of DS/EN ISO 14001:2015 - Requirements with guidance for use
  • AMC 21: Accreditation for certification or inspection - Implementation of new directives
  • AMC 22: Accreditation for certification of Energy Management systems with additional requirements from the Danish Energy Agency
  • AMC 23: Implementation of DS/ISO 50003:2014 (Energy Management)
  • AMC 24: Accreditation for certification of Management systems. Additional requirements from the Danish Insurance Association
  • AMC 25: Accreditation for certification of Management systems. Implementation of EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015. Term for audit according to the new standards
  • AMC 26: Accreditation for certification of Management systems with additional requirements from the Danish Energy Agency. Implementation of requirement specification of 18 November 2015, Rev. 2
  • AMC 27: Accreditation for environmental verification (EMAS). Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1505.
  • AMC 28: Accreditation for certification of management systems. Certification for conformity with executive order 1167/2014 annex 1.
  • AMC 30: Accreditation for certification of occupational health management systems. Change to ISO 45001 from OHSAS 45001
  • AMC 31: Accreditation for certification regarding compliance with Regulation EU 2016/679
  • AMC 32: Accreditation for certification to new version ISO22000:2018
  • AMC 33: AMC Implementation of ISO 50001:2018
  • AMC 34: Transfer of Product Certification
  • AMC 35: Accreditation announcement on multisite requirements
  • AMC 36: Indication of additional requirements in management systems certificates  


  • AMI 01: Accreditation for inspection - Information on the extent of DANAK's witness activities
  • AMI 02: Accreditation for inspection - Requirements on impartiality and independence for CSM-RA assessors
  • AMI 03: Implementation of order 834/2018 og 835/2018



  • AML 02: Extend of accreditation scope
  • AML 03: Use of computer systems in accredited laboratories
  • AML 07: Securing independence and impartiality
  • AML 08: Use of sub-suppliers to testing
  • AML 10: Surveillance of the general management system of multiple accreditations
  • AML 17: Internal audit and management evaluation.
  • AML 18: Formulation of scope of accreditation
  • AML 22: Submitting electronic management systems
  • AML 23: Reference to DANAK and accreditation and specification of traceability.
  • AML 24:Inspection of roulettes
  • AML 27:Implementation and transition to DS/EN ISO 17034:2016
  • AML K 02: Measurement capability for verniers and micrometers
  • AML K 03: Accreditation of a Danish Metrology Institute (MI)
  • AML K 04: Definition of calibration and measurement capability (CMC) at high metrological level
  • AML K 05: Calibration of temperature sensors in air
  • AML K 06:Calibration of torque wrench. Determination of U(CMC)
  • AML M 01: Declarations of validity in medical examinations in clinical biochemistry
  • AML M 02: Accreditation to Point-of-care testing – Requirements to quality and competence
  • AML M 03: Use of referral laboratories
  • AML M 05: Change of equipment in medical laboratories
  • AML M 06: Verification of the presentation of test results in external information systems
  • AML P 01: Accreditation of laboratories according to the executive order from the Ministry of Environment on quality requirements for environmental measurements
  • AML P 05: Use of fixed equipment for sampling sewage in wastewater treatment plants or other companies.
  • AML P 06:EA term 'Product'to be deleted from lists of methods per 1 March 2018
  • AMV 01: Change of requirements for accreditation to verification of GHG emissions and new requirements for verification of data for granting free allowances
  • AMV 02: Regarding CO2 verification