European co-operation for Accrediation (EA) is the common European accreditation organization. Below are links to the information materials published by EA. Click here to visit EA: : EA-website and EA annual report 2011 

EA has published a brochure for regulators and supervisors. It provides a general introduction to accreditation and the advantages obtained by authorities when using accredited services. :

To see a PowerPoint presentation with an introduction to EA and the development of accreditation, click here:

The EA guide is a very comprehensive guide including among other things an introduction to accreditation and EA. It is updated regularly and is a great tool for working with accreditation internationally:


The International Laboratory Accreditation Coopertation (ILAC) is an international associasion of laboratories and inspection bodies. ILAC work to break down barriers for trade using accreditation. Go to the ILAC website to learn more :

ILAC publishes an online newletter approximatly every 6 months. Click here for the latest issue:

ILAC has published a series of brochures that provides a general introduction to accreditation and the benefits gained by authorities and companies when using accredited sevices:


The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is the international organization for companies and organizations working with conformity assessment. Go to the IAF website to learn more :

Klik her for at læse IAF's årsrapport:

Just like ILAC, IAF publishes an online newsletter every sixths month. Use the link to find the latest issue and to subscribe:

IAF has published a series of brochures: