Schemes from authorities

Requirements for certification are included in a number of laws and regulations. It can also be a requirement that the certification must be accredited. The rules can be described in executive orders, regulations or directives.

EA has published a list of EU legislation referring to accreditation and conformity assessment. See EA-INF/05



- evaluate whether new schemes meet the requirements for accredited certification

- evaluate whether changes to schemes meet the requirements for accredited certification

- grant accreditation for certification under recognized schemes


New schemes

The Danish authorities can ask DANAK to evaluate an intended certification scheme - in relation to whether there can be accredited for certification in accordance with the scheme. DANAK reviews the scheme's requirements documents etc. and evaluates whether the requirements are described in a sufficiently specified way and whether the requirements for the company and certification body comply with the international rules for accreditation.

DANAK evaluates schemes in accordance with requirements set by European Accreditation (EA) in procedure EA-1/22 and DANAK's accreditation regulation AB21.


Changes to schemes

Changes to reconized schemes has to go through a DANAK evaluation, and the new versions must be recognized before accreditation to them can be granted. Amongst others, it is important that clear transition requirements are set. And that timeframes and deadlines allow for implementation by all involved parties.


Recognized schemes

Schemes evaluated by DANAK include inspection, testing, person certification, product certification and system certification as well as validation and verification.

The individual schemes are based on Danish and/or EU rules and can, for example, form the basis for notification.

Internationally, there may be agreements that ensure that accreditation is recognized outside the EU. This applies, for example, to the trade agreement between the EU and Canada, CETA, where it appears that, for example, notification under the building materials legislation is mutually recognized.

See the list of schemes (in Danish) that DANAK can accredit to.

List of companies accredited by DANAK can be found on DANAK's website.

Examples of schemes where DANAK has/can accredit for certification:

  • The Construction Products Regulation, which forms the basis for notifying notified bodies to the European Commission
  • Measuring instruments directive (MID)
  • EU regulation on protected geographical indications (PGI / PDO) eg Esrom ost
  • Danish Executive Order on Energy Labeling
  • GDPR, parts of the Personal Data Regulation. Companies can draw up schemes that describe how compliance with parts of the Personal Data Ordinance is documented by a specified target group. These schemes must be reconized by the Danish Data Protection Agency and by DANAK. Read more in AMC 31.