One of the cornerstones in the EU single market is that a product approved in on place is free to be marketed in all of EU. The products is marked with a CE-mark to show compliance with harmonized regulations in the EU. The producer or importer shall use an impartial body to document compliance with regulations in cases concerning products with a considerable importance to safety and health. These impartial bodies are called notified bodies and can be certification bodies, inspection bodies or testing laboratories.

The national authorities are usually the notifying authorities and appoint notified bodies. Most Danish notifying authorities require the notified bodies to be accredited for the services to which they wish to be notified.

DANAK accredits notified bodies to the following scopes:

  • Construction products
  • Measuring equipment and non-automatic weights
  • Pressure equipment
  • Lifts
  • Machines

See a list of notified companies under Regulation 305/2011 Construction Products on EU's website: Nando


Links or reference to documents where requirements and instructions to notified bodies within the construction products area:

The prices for notification is specified § 12 in Executive order 430 of 28/05/2001 (Danish text)